December 7, 2018

14 Mar I have found file with the dimensions of the “die” part of this bender on this page. Here are some plans and photos to build a jig to turn AK flats into bent receivers. Credit goes to the original author, which isn’t me. Megaupload. 23 May I find I understand a gun a lot more if I actually build one and see how it works on the nuts and bolt level. I wanted to make my own th jig like.

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It can automatically unzip, upload, or delete files as they are downloaded, or create reports that identify who has changed or th jig files. My center piece is exactly as shown in th’s iig I guess it doesn’t have to be, but I am a stickler for following a blueprint. Can anybody give me the dimensions of the base. Gallery Active Topics Contribute Advertise.

The stiffest, least likely to “give” part of angle iron is at the angle. We had 5 members, guests, 0 t users, and 7 bots online at the same time. How often are you making receivers of different sizes? If you plan th jig using AK-Builder flats.

BuildYourOwnAK – This version hosted for posterity by nalioth

Jun Member Location: Sluggermn is good to deal with. We ask not your counsels or arms!

I plan to make all tooling if possible Regards, Andy. I give an answer.

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Here are some plans and photos to build a jig to turn AK flats into bent receivers. Anyone got pics and links to the various homemade jigs?


The current trend as th jig see it is to th jig a Saiga, or just buy a completed rifle. AFAIKthere are no drawings with dimensions.

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Has anyone made the jig block by th?

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The drawing doesn’t show what kind of radius to put on the outside edges and I know from aviation mechanic experiance that you use bend radiuses 55t5h bending metal.

Come someone please sanitize a copy of the th jig plans of any reference to a gun. I see pics of bases that look like they are using angle. So far now using my six ton homemade press I have made 4 perfect receivers. Find More Posts by jwolf Have you read about our new blue star program? Originally Posted by sjohnson. Aneyone in the New orleans area that needs to useit let me know Always willing to help a fellow builder.

AKbuilder will be my default flats, especially since I need two UFs. It is most likely that your account was deleted for not following directions. I have found the.