September 28, 2018

24 Jul Ch.1 Introduction Plastic money or polymer money, made out of plastic, as “A small plastic card that ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES OF. 8 Aug Writing sample of essay on a given topic “Merits And Demerits Of Plastic Money”. There are several advantages of plastic money as seen in the above illustration Please note a few points before we look at the disadvantages of plastic money.

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If required you can take cash using plastic cards. This transaction history might help us at times when we misplace a bill.

I have keen desire to work with [login to view URL] send me detail. It offers the convenience of one bill and low rates.

Adavantages and disadvantages of Plastic Money

The credit card provides the following advantages to the bank. I pride in quality, More. There is a lot of risk in carrying a large amount demeriits cash in your wallet. We need to think about all possibilities as it is our hard earned money.

Especially when doing online shopping. I am looking to Hire Work. They work this way: In most cases, the low interest rate is for a limited time only. With the advent of credit cards you can purchase anything today and you are given sufficient time to pay for anx. I forgot my password. Freelancer Jobs Copywriting merits and demerits of plastic money based on experiences of people Plastic money is a term that is used predominantly in reference to the hard plastic cards we use everyday in place of actual bank notes.

As for credit cards, they will give you money as and when required and if you lose it or if it is stolen you can always save yourself from further loss by blocking your card immediately.

KumarAnujSinger This work is good for me and i can complete this project very well. Travelling, dining and jewellery are the top three purchases that Indian makes through credit cards.

People have less craze for credit card. You then transfer all your credit card debt onto the new card and work to pay it off. This demeris the first credit card specifically for widespread use, even though it was primarily used for entertainment merits and demerits of plastic money travel expenses. Most cards only offer you cash back advantages on purchases – not on your balance. This gives the bank lf merits and demerits of plastic money to find the latent talent from merits and demerits of plastic money existing staff that would have been otherwise wasted.

The holders can use the cards to get credit from banks up to 45days.

As a olastic, the card might not get accepted. It is true that at times plastic money is of great help but we should admit that merits and demerits of plastic money is not the case always. Another advantage is that certain websites do not charge you the service fee if you are making payment through plastic money as the payment is done upfront.

Credit cards provide you with security and protection in comparison to cash. If you own a business, demedits may wish to consider this type of card.

It’s Plastic After All Ppastic the present world, we have become plastic money fanatics. Mostly people use the cards for shopping and withdrawal of money- plastic money is mostly preferred at the time of shopping.

Credit cards, variants of plastic money, are used as substitutes for currency. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Study of Merits and Demerit of Plastic Money Based on Experiences of People

Plastic money is a term that is used predominantly in reference to the hard plastic cards we use everyday in place of actual bank notes. Silver Cards Silver credit cards rank lowest among the metal named cards, and, because of lower prestige when compared to gold and platinum cards, are commonly known as basic and standard credit cards.

If it was actual cash in its place, then it is easy for the thief. The convenience, the quality of cards when compared to bank notes, difficulty to duplicate easily like notes etc are a few to name. Advantages of Plastic Money Cash vs Plastic money; which one will you go for?

Merits and demerits of plastic money today’s technical intelligence it is also possible to get a clone of any credit card or debit card, which works like original and they can be give you a heavy financial loss. They encourage overspending You can get in too much debt, leading to filing bankruptcy. We can show the transaction details to prove that we have made a purchase. This is not a good idea that you owe loan on high interest rates and spend it in unnecessary things or purchasing.

The only real disadvantage of business cards is that there are so many of them. As you accumulate rewards or points, you can merits and demerits of plastic money your bonus for entertainment events, purchases, travel, and other fun prizes. There are many advantages of carrying plastic money.

Fuel accounts for a very small portion of credit card purchases as these are largely paid through debit cards. This is a strictly moderated site. Just plastic money won’t help merits and demerits of plastic money However, there are several drawbacks to these types of cards. For instance, in some countries, the service charge is levied on card transactions when you purchase gold from jewelry.

Purchase today and pay later, isn’t that a benefit you are getting? Thank you for your interest. You can buy what you want without having the money right then to buy the item as long as you do not go over the card’s limit. If you are looking for the right card, you can begin by considering the many types of cards available to you: It is easier to deal with cards than cash.